Community Share Offer

Somerset Local Food is a Community Benefit Society owned and financed by the local community.

We are committed to promoting the abundance of beautiful local food produced and made by Somerset’s local producers. We believe that as a community owned social enterprise, together with our community shareholders, we can grow a local food movement that makes good food accessible to everyone in Somerset, impacting on people’s health and wellbeing, maintaining the natural landscape and protecting the local environment to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Urgent Appeal

They say the best laid plans may go awry, and two recent events require our swift, creative action to continue to support the exciting expansion of Somerset Local Food.

Mike, our last self-employed driver who has been with us since the very beginning, has chosen to move on to pastures new. He will be sorely missed by staff and customers alike, but it also means we will be losing the use of his van at the end of April!

The double whammy is that our trusty workhorse transit van has struggled through its latest MoT and is reaching the end of its working life, and we need to bring forward purchasing a replacement to ensure we have a reliable third delivery vehicle for the existing routes.

We therefore need to raise equity capital quickly through our Community Share Offer to purchase replacement vehicles.

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Help us get to our funding target

We need to quickly raise £2,000 to purchase a small, pre-loved van so one of our other drivers can deliver Mike’s Bath and Frome route and to give us the small run-around we need to collect produce on a Wednesday.  Because of the urgency to replace Mike’s van, we have also set up a crowdfunding page for small donations that will make a big difference!

Over the next two months, we need to raise a further £8,000 to replace the transit van that is currently delivering the Bristol route on a Thursday and the Coastal route on a Friday.

Becoming a shareholder in Somerset Local Food means you also become a co-owner of the community owned benefit society and have a say in the future direction of the enterprise, including helping us to protect the natural environment for future generations as we create and strengthen local food systems that revitalise our local communities.

Are you able to contribute to our future by purchasing a community share and becoming a co-owner of Somerset Local Food using the application forms below?

Community Share Offer

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